Relationships and Dating Vocabulary to Express Romance

Relationships and dating constitute significant aspect of human interaction. Whether you’re navigating the complex world of dating or trying to articulate your feelings towards your significant other, the right vocabulary can make all the difference.

This article will guide you through an extensive list of vocabulary related to relationships and dating, assisting you in expressing love, affection, and the intricacies of romantic interactions.

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1. General Dating Terms

In the initial stages of romantic exploration, certain terms can help effectively depict the budding relationship and associated emotions. Here are some common dating terms.

Word/PhraseMeaning/UsageExample Sentences
Blind dateA social engagement between two people who have not previously met“My friend set me up on a blind date.”
CrushA brief but intense infatuation for someone“She has had a crush on him since high school.”
Double dateA date in which two couples participate“We’re going on a double date with James and his girlfriend.”
Love at first sightFalling in love with someone the first time you see them“For him, it was love at first sight.”
InfatuationAn intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone“He was just an infatuation, not true love.”
Break upEnding a relationship“She decided to break up with him because they wanted different things in life.”
ChemistryA sense of attraction between two people“They have amazing chemistry.”
HeartbrokenOverwhelmed by profound sorrow, especially due to a breakup“After the breakup, she was heartbroken.”
Unrequited loveFeelings of love that are not reciprocated“He had to deal with the pain of unrequited love.”
PlatonicA deep friendship that is not romantic“Their relationship is purely platonic.”
MatchmakingThe act of arranging relationships or marriages by pairing up individuals“Her grandmother loves matchmaking among her grandchildren’s friends.”
Long-distance relationshipA relationship between people who are geographically separated“They’re in a long-distance relationship since he moved abroad for work.”

2. Vocabulary for Expressing Feelings

Expressing feelings can be tricky, and the right vocabulary can help make it a bit easier. Here are some terms that might help.

Word/PhraseMeaning/UsageExample Sentences
AffectionA gentle feeling of fondness or liking“He has deep affection for her.”
AttachmentAn emotional bond between two people“Their attachment grew over time.”
FondnessAffection or liking for someone or something“He has a great fondness for her.”
PassionStrong and barely controllable emotion“They share a passion for each other.”
AdorationDeep love and respect“His adoration for her is obvious in his actions.”
InfatuatedOverwhelmed with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for“She is infatuated with him.”
Love-struckHaving a passionate desire for someone“He is love-struck and can’t think of anything else.”
SmittenDeeply affected with or struck by strong feelings of attraction, affection, or infatuation“He’s completely smitten by her charm.”
BesottedStrongly infatuated“She is totally besotted with her boyfriend.”
EnamoredBe filled with love for“He is clearly enamored by her.”
CaptivatedAttract and hold the interest and attention of“She was captivated by his smile.”
CharmedAttract strongly, as if with a magnet“He was charmed by her elegance and wit.”

3. Relationship Status

One’s relationship status describes the nature of one’s romantic relationships. Here are some words to depict various statuses.

Word/PhraseMeaning/UsageExample Sentences
SingleNot currently involved in a committed relationship“She has been single for a while now.”
DatingIn the stage of a romantic relationship where individuals go on dates to assess each other’s suitability“They have been dating for six months.”
EngagedHaving formally agreed to marry“They got engaged last month.”
MarriedJoined in matrimony“They have been happily married for ten years.”
DivorcedNo longer married“He is divorced and has two kids from his previous marriage.”
WidowedLost their spouse through death“She has been widowed for a couple of years now.”
SeparatedLiving apart and planning to divorce but still legally married“They have been separated for a year.”
Co-habitingLiving together and having a sexual relationship without being married“They have been co-habiting for a couple of years.”
In a relationshipIn a committed romantic association“He is in a relationship.”
In an open relationshipA relationship where one or both parties have the freedom to experience other sexual relationships“They are in an open relationship.”
CommittedIn a relationship that is likely to last“They are in a committed relationship.”
CasualA relationship that involves little serious or formal commitment“He prefers casual relationships.”

4. Love Confessions and Proposals

Confessing love and proposing marriage are big steps in a relationship. Here’s some vocabulary related to these romantic milestones.

Word/PhraseMeaning/UsageExample Sentences
ConfessAdmit or state that one has a particular feeling or is in love“He confessed his feelings for her.”
ProposalAn offer of marriage“He made a romantic proposal on the beach.”
Engagement ringA ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married“He gave her a beautiful engagement ring.”
To pop the questionTo ask someone to marry you“He is planning to pop the question on their anniversary.”
Say yesTo accept a proposal“She said yes when he proposed.”
Tie the knotGet married“They are planning to tie the knot next year.”
Fiancé/FiancéeA man/woman who is engaged to be married“She introduced him as her fiancé.”
Down on one kneeTraditional pose for a marriage proposal“He got down on one knee and proposed.”
Fall head over heelsFall deeply and completely in love“He fell head over heels in love with her.”
Love letterA letter expressing the writer’s feelings of love“He wrote her a passionate love letter.”
HeartfeltDeeply or sincerely felt“She gave a heartfelt confession of her love.”
Sweet nothingsRomantic or affectionate words and phrases“He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.”

5. Expressing Love and Affection

There are numerous ways to express love and affection; this vocabulary will help articulate those warm feelings.

Word/PhraseMeaning/UsageExample Sentences
I love youAn expression of deep affection“He told her ‘I love you’ for the first time.”
Hugs and kissesAn expression of affection“She sent him a note signed with ‘hugs and kisses’.”
CuddleHold close in one’s arms as a way of showing love or affection“They cuddled on the sofa watching a movie.”
KissTouch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, or greeting“He leaned in to kiss her.”
Hold handsAn act of mutual affection where two individuals maintain contact between their hands“They often hold hands while walking.”
EmbraceHold someone closely in one’s arms, especially as a sign of affection“They shared a warm embrace.”
FondlyIn a way that shows love or great liking“He looked at her fondly.”
Care forLook after and provide for the needs of“He genuinely cares for her.”
AdoreLove and respect deeply“She adores him.”
CherishProtect and care for someone lovingly“He cherishes every moment spent with her.”
SweetheartA term of affection“He calls her his sweetheart.”
DarlingA term of endearment for one you love“She is his darling.”

6. Relationship Challenges and Endings

Unfortunately, not all relationships are smooth. Here are some terms to describe relationship challenges and endings.

Word/PhraseMeaning/UsageExample Sentences
Break upEnd a relationship“They decided to break up after two years of dating.”
DivorceThe legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body“They got a divorce last year.”
Split upEnd a relationship“They decided to split up after months of fighting.”
On the rocksA relationship that is in trouble“Their marriage is on the rocks.”
Drift apartTo gradually become less friendly or intimate“They drifted apart after he moved away for work.”
Deal breakerA factor or issue which, if unresolved during negotiations, would cause one party to discontinue discussions“His unwillingness to commit was a deal breaker for her.”
EstrangedNo longer close or affectionate to someone; alienated“She is estranged from her husband.”
UnfaithfulEngaging in sexual relations with a person other than one’s regular partner in contravention of a previous promise or understanding“He was unfaithful to her.”
Cheat onBe sexually unfaithful“She found out that he cheated on her.”
ReboundA new relationship that one enters shortly after the breakup of a significant love relationship“He started dating on the rebound.”
Fall out of loveStop feeling affectionate for“She fell out of love with him.”
HeartbreakOverwhelming distress caused by a disappointment in love“She suffered a heartbreak when he left her.”

7. Reconciliation and Fresh Starts

Despite difficulties, relationships can heal, and fresh starts can be made. These terms describe reconciliations and new beginnings.

Word/PhraseMeaning/UsageExample Sentences
Make upReconcile after a quarrel“They decided to make up after their fight.”
Patch upMend a relationship after a disagreement or dispute“They managed to patch up their relationship.”
Start freshBegin anew“They decided to start fresh and forget about the past.”
Second chanceAn opportunity to try something again after failing one time“She gave him a second chance.”
RekindleRevive something that has been lost“They rekindled their relationship after a year apart.”
ReconcileRestore friendly relations between“They reconciled after months of not speaking.”
Forgive and forgetDecide to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake“She decided to forgive and forget.”
Mend fencesImprove or repair a relationship that has been damaged by an argument or disagreement“He is trying to mend fences with her.”
Make amendsDo something good to show that you are sorry about something you have done“He tried to make amends for his mistake.”
Bury the hatchetMake peace; end a quarrel, dispute, or fight“They decided to bury the hatchet and be friends again.”
Kiss and make upResolve one’s differences“They always fight but quickly kiss and make up.”
Turn over a new leafBegin again, fresh“He promised to turn over a new leaf.”


The world of dating and relationships is deep and varied, filled with a spectrum of emotions that can be challenging to express adequately. This extensive vocabulary list provides the words you need to articulate romantic relationships’ many stages, feelings, and complexities.

Whether you’re experiencing the thrill of new love or the pain of heartbreak, these words will help you express your emotions more clearly. Remember, communication is the key to any successful relationship; a rich vocabulary is a significant part of that communication.

Niaj A A Khan is an ESL Instructor with over 7 years of experience in teaching & developing resources at different universities and institutes. Mr. Khan is also a passionate writer working on his first book, "Learn English at Ease."

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