Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ESL Advice & who is it for?

ESL Advice is an online platform for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners and teachers in which an expert team of ESL Teachers shares exclusive tips and advice about the English language.

Is ESL Advice free of charge?

Absolutely! Access to everything of ESL Advice is free. Thanks to our sponsors and advertisers for their support in this endeavor. You may also be a part of this endeavor by contributing any amount you prefer. To become one of the Patrons of ESL Advice, click here.

When did ESL Advice start?

ESL was founded on 1st January 2020 by four ESL teachers.

Does ESL Advice use American English?

Yes. ESL Advice primarily uses American English. However, there are pages on the site with other varieties too.

Does ESL Advice keep my e-mail address private?

ESL Advice follows a very strict privacy policy. We don’t give or sell or rent your name or email address to anybody. For full details, please see our Privacy Policy.

How do I contact ESL Advice?

You can easily contact ESL Advice through our different contact channels. Please find the contact us link at the bottom of any page for details.

Can I join ESL Advice? If so, how?

Yes! Please visit our Sign up page. We love to share our knowledge, experiences, variety of ESL resources, tips, and guidelines to make your English journey easier.

Can I write for ESL Advice?

Yes! We love to receive contributions to our website. We allow guest authors to write for ESl Advice on the topics that are helpful for our learners. For more details, please send us queries at [email protected].