How to Describe Clothes in English

The clothes someone wears tell us about their cultural identity and life status. When we need to describe someone to someone else, we talk about their outer beauty/appearance and inner qualities/personality. While describing someone’s appearance, the first thing that comes up is the clothes. If you wonder how to describe clothes, this post is for you.  

As a general rule, you should talk about the color, pattern, material, and type to describe clothes. There are so many adjectives that you can use to describe clothes. Remember! While describing clothes in English, it’s crucial to follow the order of adjectives.  

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Some Common Adjectives to Talk about Clothes

AdjectivesMeaningExample Sentence
ClassyStylish and sophisticatedThe gown you wore yesterday was classy.
StylishFashionably elegant and sophisticatedHe is old but stylish.
BaggyClothes that are loose and hanging in foldsI love to wear baggy trousers in summer.
CasualClothes that are suitable for everyday wear rather than formal occasionsSince it’s a friends’ get-together, let’s wear casual attire.
FormalClothing suitable for an official or important occasionPlease join the seminar in formal dress.
SnazzyStylish and attractiveI loved your snazzy silk dress.
ColorfulHaving much or varied colorShe likes colorful dresses.
PlainOrdinary clothesHe prefers plain shirts and pants.
TastefulShowing an excellent aesthetic taste in clothesHer tasteful selection of dresses is appreciable.
FashionableRepresenting a currently popular styleHe is fashionable from an early age.
Well-fittedFitting closely or comfortablyI always prefer well-fitted t-shirts.
Tight-fittingFitting or covering in a close mannerTight-fitting dresses are a bit less comfortable in summer.
TrendyVery fashionable or up to date.Zara loves to wear trendy clothes.
FlatteringEnhancing someone’s appearance.I don’t find sleeveless dresses flattering
ScuffyHaving lost its original fresh or new appearanceThey were in scruffy T-shirts and jeans.
SleevelessClothes having no sleevesDo you want to buy this sleeveless blouse?

Suppose you are a salesperson at a clothing store or an apparel business person. In that case, you must know how to describe clothes to sell your product to the customers. And even while shopping, you may need to describe your desired clothes to the salesperson to get them quickly.

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There are so many adjectives that you can use to describe clothes. But remember! English adjectives have their specific order. Let’s know how to describe clothes in terms of color, pattern, material, type, size, fitting, brand, etc.

How to Talk about COLORS While Describing Clothes

describing clothes
Talk about COLORS While Describing Clothes

Color is a crucial feature of someone’s dress. In most cases, we describe clothes in terms of their color. The most common colors of clothes are red, black, yellow, brown, blue, green, white, grey, pink, etc.

To improve color vocabulary, let’s see some example sentences that describe clothes well in terms of color.

  • He was wearing a blue suit.
  • She is wearing a pink t-shirt.
  • You look gorgeous in red sarees.
  • The man wearing a black shirt is my brother.
  • This white Punjabi suits your personality.
  • You may choose to wear these maroon pants.
  • These blue jeans are very comfortable to wear.

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Colour Vocabulary to Describe Clothes
  Red, black, yellow, brown, blue, green, white, grey, pink, purple, orange, khaki, navy, sky blue, lilac, aqua, burgundy, beige, blush, champagne, coral, fuchsia, gold, ivory, light blue, peach, rose gold, royal blue, silver, turquoise,  etc.

How to Talk about PATTERNS While Describing Clothes

Clothes can be of different patterns. While describing someone’s clothes, mentioning the pattern can help get a clear overall idea about the dress. Typical patterns of dresses are camouflage, plaid/check, floral, striped, tie-dyed, etc.

The following examples can help you learn some vocabulary related to clothes patterns.  

  • I would love to buy this animal print t-shirt.
  • He was wearing an argyle-patterned sweatshirt.
  • I have a fascination with dresses with camouflage.
  • I will wear a check shirt this evening, how about you?
  • I like plain dresses as they seem formal.
Pattern Vocabulary to Describe Clothes
  Argyle, paisley, pinstriped, plain, gingham, polka dot, camouflage, plaid/check, floral, striped, tie-dyed, herringbone, houndstooth, basketweave, buffalo check, chevron, damask, fret, honeycomb, ikat, lattice, suzani, toile
describing clothes
Pattern Vocabulary to Describe Clothes

How to Talk about MATERIALS While Describing Clothes

describing clothes
Talk about MATERIALS While Describing Clothes

Like colors and patterns, there are too many variations in terms of the materials of clothes. Besides cotton and wool, there are other common materials from which dresses are made. They are leather, silk, nylon, fibers, etc.

The examples below show how to talk about materials while describing clothes.

  • My brother loves to wear leather jackets.
  • I would love to buy you some silk scarves.
  • She is wearing a nylon dress.
  • We all will wear the same cotton shirts at the party.
  • He loves denim jeans.
Material Vocabulary to Describe Clothes
  Linen, synthetic, sateen, denim, cashmere, organza, terrycloth, leather, silk, brocade, nylon, fibers, cellulosic, bast, chiffon, dimity, muslin, taffeta, lawn, chintz, dobby, voile

How to Talk about TYPES While Describing Clothes

There are different types of clothes we wear. Sometimes it depends on the culture you belong to or your personal preferences. The typical dress types are shirts, pants, t-shirts, jackets, suits, sweaters, etc. Let’s see some examples of sentences to describe clothes types in English.

  • Jackets are my favorite attire for winter.
  • I will buy my brother a Punjabi this Eid.
  • Her scarves are phenomenal.
  • Their shirts are of good quality.
  • I prefer shirts to t-shirts while traveling.
 Types Vocabulary to Describe Clothes
  T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, jeans, socks, shorts, tracksuits, vests, pajamas, shoes, boots, raincoats, tanktop, swimsuits, skirts, blouses, bras, panties, stockings, suits, shirt, ties, bow-ties, briefs, wool hat, scarf, handkerchief, shawl  

How to Talk about SIZE While Describing Clothes

In general, clothes can be of different sizes, such as small (S), medium (M), large (L), etc. However, there are some technical terms used in clothing industries, like extra small (XS), extra-large (XL), and double XL (XXL). Here are some examples that show the uses of these size vocabulary while describing clothes.   

  • This shirt might be oversized; you should take a medium one.
  • May I have another extra small t-shirt with this pattern?
  • The L size (Large) will fit you better.

How to Appreciate Someone’s Clothes

Appreciating someone’s clothes can help you build a good rapport while meeting them. Your compliment can also boost their confidence and make them feel good. Let’s see some examples using some adjectives to appreciate someone’s clothes.

  • This shirt fits you very well.
  • Nice dress!
  • Wow! It’s a well-tailored suit.
  • The shoes match well with your coat.
  • You look fabulous in this attire.
  • The color suits you well.
  • You look gorgeous in sarees.
  • Nice jeans! The blue goes well with the t-shirt.
  • You look taller in these pants.

In Conclusion

The above adjectives and words can help you describe clothes. You will indeed sound confident by using the above expressions. Whether you are a customer or a salesman, you can definitely use the vocabularies I mentioned above.

Learn the words and expressions and keep practicing to sound natural wherever you need to talk about clothes.

Thank you!

Happy learning!

Niaj A A Khan is an ESL Instructor with over 7 years of experience in teaching & developing resources at different universities and institutes. Mr. Khan is also a passionate writer working on his first book, "Learn English at Ease."

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