99 Ways of Expressing Surprise in English

When you experience something unexpectedly and suddenly, you become surprised. However, on many occasions, some of you may wonder how to express that feeling of surprise in English. Well! In this post, I’ll share 99 English expressions that you can use to respond when you experience something surprising.

“It’s so surprising!” & “I can’t believe it?” are the most common expressions in English to express surprise. While expressing surprise, your facial expression, body language, and voice tone must express surprise too. Here are 99 examples that show expressing surprises in English.

How to Politely Ask Someone to Wait in English

In our everyday life, on many occasions, we need to ask other people to wait. But, as people don’t feel good waiting, make sure you request them politely in appropriate English to wait for you. In this post, I’ve come up with some exciting and smart English expressions to ask someone to wait.

“Would you please hold on for a moment?” and “Could you please wait for a while?” are used to ask someone to wait in English in formal situations. However, you can say “Wait a second” or “Hold your horses” to informally ask them to wait.

How to Politely Respond to Rejections in English

No one likes to get rejected. Unfortunately, however, in our everyday life, we face rejections in our personal, social, and professional life. So how do you deal with that? As an ESL speaker, do you know how to respond to rejections in English?

Alright! Here comes the solution if you are wondering how to do it. In this post, I’ll share some English expressions and exclusive tips to respond to rejection.

How to Respond to a Compliment in English

When someone compliments you, it’s obvious that you respond positively to that. Therefore, you should acknowledge the compliment and express your feeling as a response rather than being silent or indifferent.

If you are wondering how to respond to a compliment in English, this post is for you. Throughout the post, I’ll give you some essential tips and share some English expressions that you can use to respond to a compliment in English.

How to Talk About Your Family in English

On many occasions, we need to talk about our families. Suppose you are meeting someone for the first time; you need to introduce yourself. While introducing ourselves and getting to know each other, we also talk about our families. Talking about family members can also be a good source of small talk.

You should mention the number of family members, the type of family you belong to, and share the family tree while talking about your family in English. Besides, you may describe the family members individually and the things you love about your family.

How to Talk about the Weather in English

Weather is a common topic that most of us talk about in our everyday life. You can start talking to a stranger by asking about the weather as a part of getting to know each other. Even if you feel awkward approaching someone you already know, you can start with the weather as a part of small talk.

You can easily break the ice if you know the appropriate expression to talk to someone about the weather. So, in this post, I share some very useful expressions and tips for talking about the weather in English.

100+ Ways of Expressing Opinions in English

Expressing-opinion in English

An opinion is how you feel or think about a particular issue. It’s usually a personal viewpoint based on your experiences. In our daily life, we express opinions on various issues at home or office. If you wonder how to do it properly, this post is for you.

Throughout the post, I’ll share 100+ expressions related to expressing opinions and some valuable tips at the end.