How to Greet Someone at Night

Greeting at night

In formal settings at night, you can greet someone by saying “Good evening” if the time is before midnight, and you can say “Good morning” if it is after midnight.  And, of course, whether it is night or daytime, you can greet someone by saying “Hi” or “Hello.” However, we say “Good night” to bid someone farewell at night, not to greet or start a conversation.

How to Ask Someone About Their Age

Ask someone about their age

You can say, “Would you mind if I ask how old you are?” to ask someone about their age. If you have genuine reasons to ask about someone’s age, explain the reasons and be sure that they are comfortable talking about their age. Be polite in choice of words, tone, and body language so that they do not feel offended by being asked about their age.

How to Ask Someone to Talk to You

ask someone to talk

Whether someone is known or unknown, asking them to talk to you may appear to be very difficult at times, depending on different situations. Especially it is more challenging to start a conversation with an acquaintance if you are not … continue reading

How to Make Polite Requests in English

Making Polite Requests

If you observe the ways native English speakers speak to someone, you will find uses of “please,” “sorry,” “excuse me,” “thanks,” and the like. These words are used by people who love being polite. Politeness is a virtue. People who are polite and are of good manners are loved by all. Their requests are earnestly considered and accepted by the people surrounding them.  

Making requests means you are asking something from someone or you are asking someone to do something for you. Whether your request will be granted or not merely depend on the person you are requesting to. Thus you need to request in such a convincing way that the person happily accepts your request. But how?

How to Introduce Someone in English: Formal & Informal

Creating a network among people surrounding us is considered a skill of utmost importance. As social beings, we cannot move forward alone. We need to ask for help from others, help them, and work together to make a better world.

In social, academic, or business contexts, you frequently meet new people. Very often, you are introduced to unknown people by someone who is already known to you. Certainly, you also need to introduce other people who are unknown to your family members, friends, colleagues, and the like.   

Here, we will learn different ways of introducing someone who is already known to you but unknown to the people you are about to introduce them to. We will learn some specific words, phrases, and expressions to do it right.