Best English Learning Platforms in 2023

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There are so many websites available online that offer English language learning opportunities. Some websites like ESL Advice provides free tips and lessons to learn English. However, there are some websites that offer exclusive paid courses with no free offers. On the other hand, there are so many websites that have both free and paid versions of their offers.

Here, I’ll talk about only those websites that provide at least a minimum level of English lessons for free. However, if people are interested in paying to learn English, they may look for premium offers from the same websites.

Disclaimer: The websites I am about to recommend are not necessarily the absolute best. It’s all about my observation and research about the existing language learning platform online. Every day, new websites are being added online, and the existing ones are improving themselves. So, this recommendation may change over the course of time.

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#1 is one of the best ESL websites that allows you to open a FREE lifetime account. With that account, you will be allowed to access so many of their lessons for free. The following photo shows the dashboard of a free account. From this free account, you will be able to develop your basic English skills.

The free account will allow you to explore English dialogues, vocabulary lessons, lesson notes, and some quick tips on particular lessons. You will also be able to download the lesson notes as PDF.

Why Do I Recommend

There are so many reasons why I find this English learning platform best among all the other platforms. provides learners with the most modern and unique learning experience compared to traditional classroom learning.

Most importantly, they firmly believe in their expertise, and therefore all the content they release is approved by a certified English teacher. Their content is fresh and always up-to-date.

They allow you to learn English with native speakers and explore different kinds of voices and speaking styles. It helps the students to stay motivated and engaged in the process no matter at which level they are.

However! To explore all the features that I already talked about, you may need to check their different plans. Besides the free lifetime account, there are three other types of accounts you may consider checking at

Key Features of

Besides the basic features I talked about earlier about this platform, you must know about their resources that will help you to achieve your learning goals. The variety of learning tools and materials they offer is amazing.

  • Audio & Video Lesson Library
  • In-Depth Lesson Notes 
  • Line-by-Line Audio Dialogue 
  • Access on Android, iPhone, or iPad 
  • HD Video 
  • Comprehensive study tools
  • English Core Words & Phrases 
  • Daily Dose of English Lessons 
  • Season Vocabulary 
  • Exclusive! Custom Word Lists 
  • Interactive Lesson Quizzes 
  • Voice Recording Tools 
  • Vocabulary Slideshow 
  • Word Bank 
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards 
  • English Audio Dictionary 
  • Grammar Bank 
  • 1-on-1 Access to a Teacher
  • Personalized Learning Program 
  • Ongoing Professional Assessment 
  • Assignments 

There are a few English learning platforms that are organized, like I especially find their 1-on-1 Access to a Teacher as the most valued feature, as it will allow you to get instant feedback. Remember! There are so many learning platforms where you can study, but there are fewer places where you can get direct feedback from an expert.

So, I recommend you to sign up for a free lifetime account first, and then if you feel like moving forward with their paid plans, go ahead.

#2 Lingoda

Lingoda offers you to learn English as a second language with professional teachers and flexible learning schedules. You can explore a lot of resources and lessons for FREE. They also allow you to download some of their lessons without paying a penny.

Even to find free tips and resources at Lingoda, you don’t need to open an account. Just browse their website and find what you need.

Why Is Lingoda on My List?

Lingoda’s Expertly-designed curriculums are the reason that convinced me to recommend this as a trustworthy English language learning platform. Students can improve their skills by following their well-organized curriculum at each level.

The English language teachers at Lingoda are highly qualified and experienced in their own arena. You’ll be able to find teachers coming from all over the world, bringing a range of cultures, accents, and experiences for you to learn from.

The flexibility in taking live classes is also an influencing reason that allowed me to put Lingoda on my recommendation list. Their small class size (maximum 5 students in each) will allow the learners to get enough time to share their problems. The learners at Lingoda are usually encouraged to speak English in classes.

Lingoda offers 60-minute live classes on Zoom 24/7 with native-level teachers. They have different options to select from regarding the number of classes. However, if you want to check their lessons, you may download some sample lessons or start a 7 Day Free Trial.

Key Features of Lingoda

I have already talked about some salient features of Lingoda as an English language learning platform. However, Let me share some other key features that may help you to decide whether you should try Lingoda or not.

  • Live classes with a flexible schedule
  • Small group classes (Maximum 5 students)
  • 1-on-1 classes with native-level teachers
  • Expertly-designed curriculum
  • Time to practice speaking
  • Personalized feedback
  • Rotation of international teachers
  • Scope to discover different accents, expressions, and cultures
  • Learning up-to-date words and phrases used by English speakers worldwide.

Lingoda is a huge platform that doesn’t only offer a single language learning but some other languages too. However, I really appreciate their Live Zoom Classes 24/7 as the most attractive feature among all the features.

#3 Mondly

Mondly by Pearson is one of the largest language learning platforms that has already helped 100 million language learners to achieve their language goals. It’s a great platform to learn English for FREE. Once you enter into the website, just select your native language and the target language, and your language learning starts. YES! It’s that simple.

Why Do I Prefer Mondly?

The primary reason behind recommending Mondly is that it allows the learners to learn from their native language, while most language learning platforms only let you learn English in English.

Another effective approach they focus on is that it places the learners in environments to simulate real-world situations and conversations. It starts from the beginning and gradually goes to your desired level with very less effort.

As many ESL learners find language learning boring, Mondly comes up with the motto to make learning fun and easy. Therefore, mastering a new language with Mondly is always fun, fast, and easy. Their solid neural science combined with cutting-edge technologies allows you to learn your desired language faster than anyone else.

Besides the free version, Mondly also has its premium feature to be explored. They let you try their learning process by offering 30 Day Trial. So, before you get connected to their system, I suggest you try their trial version.

Key Features of Mondly

Mondly was named App of the Year by Facebook and Best New App by Apple, having over 100 million users just because of its different learner-friendly features. It shares you a language learning-friendly environment and allows you to practice as much as you want.

  • Learn English from your native language
  • Gamification strategies and advanced language learning technologies
  • Focus on phrases, not individual words
  • Listen to native speakers
  • Practice real conversations
  • Solidify your knowledge using a unique repetition system
  • conversation focused curriculum
  • speech recognition
  • bite-sized lessons

Mondly is undoubtedly a great platform for people who prefer self-learning. To me, the best feature is that they allow you to learn English from your native language. Many beginner-level ESL learners struggle to start learning English. Mondly can be a great platform for them.

#4 Rocket Languages

Rocket languages is one of the oldest and largest English language learning platforms that believes they know more about learning a new language than anyone on the planet! This platform allows their learners to access several lessons and learning materials for FREE.

Why Do I Choose Rocket Languages?

This platform really can take you to the heart of the English language and give you everything you need to understand the language and the culture like a local.

They offer multiple award-winning language learning courses used by more than 2,000,000 people, just like you, to master a new language. And with more than 20 years of experience, you can be comfortable knowing that their products are high quality and engaging.

Their language learning system is based on both science and the practical success strategies that polyglots (people who speak 5 or more languages fluently) use. And their courses give the best bang for the buck, as every course has more than 100 hours of repeatable tuition.

Key Features of Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a very popular language learning platform for its interactive language learning approach. For the last two decades, it has been one of the first choices among language enthusiasts for the following features.

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • State-of-the-art voice recognition system
  • Practice on-the-spot speaking
  • Fun and engaging activities in every lesson
  • Learn how the language actually works
  • Tons of downloadable audio tracks for training your ear to your new language
  • Blend in with the locals to learn about cultures
  • Carefully crafted courses with practical, relevant, and useful materials
  • A wide array of motivational tools and techniques

Though Rocket Languages has so many features to be liked by a lot of learners, I find its state-of-the-art voice recognition system very effective as a source of self-motivated practice.

In addition, they also take their students step by step through how the language works so that they can build sentences on their own and actually take part in conversations. This is what many language learning platforms do not consider seriously, rather, they only focus on learning a few phrases to use in real-life situations.

#5 italki

When most English language learning platforms come up with some recorded classes as course materials, italki, comes with a different approach. You can choose your favorite English tutors who enable you to improve your English skills.

You can pick your private tutor among the thousands of English language teachers. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English. However, you can regularly practice English by joining the italki community for FREE.

And if you are considering finding a teacher who can guide you to learn English, I would suggest you select a teacher and book a trial class first and then move to more classes.

Why Is italki Worth Trying?

italki provides you with the opportunity to select your own tutor from a huge list of certified teachers that fit your budget and schedule. As the tutors at italki come from different parts of the world, there is a multicultural connection made, yet having a common interest that is learning a language.

You can either choose group classes or 1-on-1 lessons to master your desired language skills. Also, you can take customizable 1-on-1 lessons, which are trusted by millions of learners around the globe. As a global language learning community, italki has been successfully connecting students and teachers for a long time.

They are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to learn English in the most personalized and authentic way possible.

Key Features of italki

italki has some exclusive features that the other language learning platforms don’t offer. Italki has the vision to help people become fluent in foreign languages by building connections with people from other cultures.

The values they possess are also crucial as their features. Italki embraces diversity and draws
inspiration from different cultures. They put themselves in other people’s shoes and encourage different perspectives.

They push for progress, value results, and are dedicated to making a great impact together. Moreover, they also invest in themselves and promote personal and communal growth. They are passionate about making language learning an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

  • Quality lessons start from $5
  • Learn from Native-speaking teachers
  • 1-on-1 lessons
  • Group classes
  • Pay per lesson, no subscription, no commitment
  • Always a teacher for you (Certified and qualified, various expertise)
  • Find teachers from all over the world sharing their languages, dialects, and cultures.
  • Study at your own pace without worrying about rigid schedules or fixed fees
  • Practice for free with the italki community
  • Develop your language skills by building connections with others
  • Meet and share experiences with millions of language learners from more than 190 countries
  • Learning the way that works for you (tailor-made learning experience)

Among all the features, I will keep italki at the top of the list because they offer students to pay per lesson, no subscription, and no commitment. It gives students the utmost freedom and flexibility to learn their desired language.

#6 Magoosh

Magoosh is a popular English language learning platform that especially helps students with different test preparation, including IELTS. Though they don’t offer free access to their website, you can attend free practice tests at Magoosh as well as access free resources, including study schedules, study guides, and practice questions, to help get started with your test preparation.

The IELTS test preparation course at Magoosh is entirely online and includes video lessons, practice questions, and personalized support from expert tutors. Its approach is designed to be affordable, flexible, and accessible to a wide range of students.

Millions of students got benefitted from Magoosh for its engaging and effective teaching methods, as well as the guarantee they provide to help you achieve good scores in IELTS. If you want a platform that guarantees your desired IELTS score, I recommend trying Magoosh.

Why Is Magoosh Best for IELTS Preparation?

Magoosh ILETS expert team knows what you need to succeed. Maggosh offers you guidance from experts to reach your target score. They help you keep your focus on what matters most to improve your language skills to achieve your desired goal. Moreover, the practice opportunities that you will have at Magoosh will help you gain confidence to use what you learn from Magoosh.

After exploring different IELTS courses available online, I found that the course content of Magoosh IELTS is probably the best available online. If you want to try their sample course content for free, try a free 7-day trial. The content includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of IELTS Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing
  • Up to 10 full-length mock tests
  • Over 120 helpful video lessons
  • 1000 test-like practice questions with explanation videos
  • 4 Graded Speaking Assessment
  • 4 Graded Writing Assessments
  • Score Predictor
  • Detailed Study Schedules
  • Unlimited Ask-an-Expert Questions
  • Target Band Score Guarantee

Key Features of Magoosh

Magoosh is a trusted site for millions of test takers for its learner-friendly method and course curriculum. When we talk about online education, we usually find one-way delivery of lectures. You will hardly find platforms that are concerned about giving feedback.

The best feature Magoosh has is its way of providing feedback to its students. Apart from these main features, there are some other features you must consider helpful as a learner.

  • Practice Questions
  • Mock Tests
  • Video Lessons
  • Score Guarantee
  • Multiple Study Plans
  • Speaking Assessment
  • Writing Assessment
  • Mobile App
  • Video & Text Question Explanations
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Flashcards Included
  • Private Facebook Study Group
  • Score Predictor
  • Quiz Mode & Customized Practice

Among all these features, I find the assessment system and feedback the most useful for students who are expecting a good IELTS band score. The live classes also create extra value to the quality of the learning experience.

#7 British Council

British Council is one of the oldest and greatest English language platforms. It is a world-renowned institution with over 80 years of experience in teaching the English language. They offer a range of courses and resources to help learners improve their English skills, from beginner to advanced level.

The British Council has developed a huge library of ESL resources and has provided free access to a lot of those resources. However, they also have some premium resources, including courses that you may want to try. If you want to check their courses, you can try their 7-day free trial.

Why Is the British Council Good for ESL Students

There are so many reasons why I think the British council is one of the best language-learning platforms available online. One of the reasons is the experience and expertise they have. Their courses are designed by qualified and experienced language teachers, and their learning materials are carefully curated to ensure quality.

They offer a wide range of courses for learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. They also offer specialized courses for specific purposes, such as Business English, Exam Preparation, and Academic English. Among many courses, the followings are the most popular.

Their courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, using a variety of multimedia resources to make learning enjoyable and effective. They also offer online platforms and tools to support self-study and practice outside of the classroom.

Key Features of the British Council

British Council is by itself a complete English language learning platform. It has all the features that an ESL learner needs. Here I have listed a few features that you may take into consideration while deciding which language-learning platform you should select as your partner on the journey.

  • Learn with the world’s English experts
  • Live online private 1-1 or group classes
  • Practice in small group classes and private one-to-one classes
  • Live classes are available 24/7
  • Customize your timetable
  • Choose classes based on your goals and interests
  • Choose your level – beginner to advanced
  • Topics designed around your needs
  • Flexible monthly payment plans
  • Free 7-day trial period
  • British Council badges and certificates

So these are the seven most popular, effective, and interactive English language learning platforms. All of them have different features that may attract learners. However, every learner is not the same. Some may like visual learning, while others may prefer auditory learning.

Therefore, it all depends on the learners themselves which one is most suitable for them. I have tested and researched those websites or learning programs and described them here objectively.

Now, it’s time to start your English learning journey right away. Don’t procrastinate. I am sure that you can remember, “Time and tide wait for none.” However, if you are looking for some specific English courses to develop your particular English language skills, you may check the courses I recommend to my readers and students.

In Conclusion

So, here are the language learning platforms that ESL Advice experts think are the best available now. The list includes websites, and some of them also have apps that can certainly help you to learn and improve your English language skills.

We understand how difficult it is to find an authentic source to learn English online from the abundance of sources. Therefore, we have put efforts into making the right learning platform selection process easier.

Niaj A A Khan is an ESL Instructor with over 8 years of experience in teaching & developing resources at different universities and institutes. Mr. Khan is also a passionate writer working on his first book, "Learn English at Ease."

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